Rental Chic: Mid Century + Tribal Living Room Inspiration

by - June 23, 2017

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As promised in my Rental Chic Series Intro, I'm bringing you all in on the method to the madness and sharing my sources of inspiration for our home! I'm starting off today with our living room!

The style inspiration for our living room came to me in a place where many, many great women have found instant and amazing home decor inspiration over the years... Target, of course!

Logan and I had only been engaged for about a couple of weeks and were strolling the aisles of Target setting up our registry. I was insistent that our registry not just have the essentials, but fun stuff too! We were walking past the end of an aisle when I stopped dead in my tracks and made Logan turn around. I had fallen in LOVE with a throw pillow. This one, to be exact.

source: Target *

It was geometric, colorful, and black and white at the same time - three of my fav things! I had been majorly crushing on some strong mid-century-meets-southwestern vibes which I am blaming on posts like this living room and this dining room from It was warm, cozy, fun and trendy. I needed it!

I found out later that it was part of a collection at Target called Mid-Century Colorful Living Room and it's literally what my dreams are made of! I wanted it all!

 source: Target*

But of course, it couldn't be that easy. Is styling a room EVER that easy? If it ever has been for you, I want to know your magic!

I didn't realize until too late that this collection at Target was seasonal and most of the goodness, especially that perfect pillow, had sold out everywhere before I knew it! *cue sadness*

I found another pillow at Target that at least had the same colors and the same woven texture going on. It was no "Global Multicolor" but it would do...
source: Target*

Knowing I wanted to stick with a mid-century modern vibe, and mix in some tribal prints and patterns, I was off to Pinterest to broaden my inspiration horizons from just the one Target style. Here's some of the images I was really drawn to - 

Clearly, I need a LOT of color and LOT of pillows! Logan and I both love a nice dark teal, so I knew I wanted to incorporate that color quite a bit. For the other colors, I wanted to keep it warm - mostly dark pinks, yellows, and oranges. 

I lot of the photos I was drawn to seemed to have live plants, large amounts of accessories, and good storage space. Given that we had a ton of new great photos from our engagement shoot and wedding, I knew a good gallery wall was in order, as well!

By the time when we started pulling everything together, I had a pretty solid picture in my head of what I wanted. HOWEVER, since I realize you all can't see that picture in my head, I pulled together a mood board to show you the goal! 

Sources: 1* | 2* | 3* | 4 | 5* | 6* | 7* | 8 | 9 | 10* | 11* | 12 | 13

What do you think?! What would you change or add?! Do you have a favorite part?! There are too many great pieces for me to even try to pick a favorite!

Curious how well we've done at creating our original vision?! Stay tuned! I'll be sharing an update soon on the progress we've made so far! 

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