LimeLight by Alcone Product Review

by - July 20, 2017

Who else loves trying new makeup and skin care?? I have such a BAD habit of buying new products just for the sake of trying them. I may have a face wash or mascara that I absolutely LOVE but if I see a new one that grabs my interest, I just have to test it out and make sure it's not better than what I'm currently using! That doesn't always go very well for me (or my wallet!), but I today I've got some amazing products to share with you that I promise are worth every dollar!

I had the chance to try a few skin care and makeup items from the brand LimeLight by Alcone. Never heard of them? I hadn't either until my sweet friend Abby recently became a LimeLight Beauty Guide! I already knew Abby took her beauty product recommendations seriously, and if she was willing to back this brand completely, then I knew they had to be quality! When she found out I was starting a blog, she asked if I would test out some products and share about them with my readers. Of course, I said yes!

If you haven't heard of LimeLight, let me tell you a little about their history - because their story and reputation are really what convinced me I needed to try some products. Alcone started out in the 1950s as a family-owned store in New York City that sold theatrical makeup. Eventually, Alcone was the go-to store for nearly every Broadway show and New York film production. They only the top brands, what the pros use on the stage, screen, and runway. But in 2015, they launched LimeLight as a way to get the best makeup brands in the world into the hands of the everyday woman. While most brands manufacture all their own products, LimeLight is different. They partner with many of those same top brands they've sold for all these years and basically sell the same products, made by the same manufacturers, but with LimeLight's branding and packaging. PLUS they added their own totally natural skin care line to the mix! So you're getting professional grade makeup and luxury skin care, but from a personal beauty guide and at a price point the average woman can afford!

Abby sent me a cleanser, moisturizer, and mask from the skin care line, as well as a sample of foundation and a bunch of lip colors to try! I tested them all out and took a bunch of photos along the way so you can see for yourself just how they turned out! And for the record, I was given product samples, but no other compensation. All opinions shared here are my own and 100% honest :)

Skin Care

So let's start with the skin care products! That should be the first step before your makeup look anyway :) I tested out a cleanser, face mask, and moisturizer from LimeLight.

Dream Clean

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The Dream Clean cleanser is a naturally foaming cleanser that's best for normal to oily or acne-prone skin. I've got oily skin with acne issues, so this was perfect for me! It's infused with aloe vera, soapberry, and white tea extract, which help to fight off acne-causing bacteria and reduce dark spots and sun damage.

I LOVE a good foaming cleanser, and I think the fact that this one foams because of soapberry, a naturally foaming fruit, is really neat! This cleanser smelled amazing, really light and fruity but not too sweet. And it felt great! It really seemed to cut through all that makeup, oil, and dirt that collects on my face during the day!

The sample had enough for me to use morning and night for two whole days. I had a few small blemishes when I started using it, and it seemed to me that they faded much quicker than usual!

Masque of Zen

Another great product I tried was the Masque of Zen. This is a clay mask made with tea tree oil, white carrot oil, and cinnamon bark. The mask smells strongly like tea tree oil, which is a scent I personally. If you're not familiar with it, I'd say it's almost a minty, woodsy smell, if that makes sense! Tea tree and cinnamon oils are both well known for their acne-fighting skills, and carrot oil is rich in vitamin A, which keeps your skin cells healthy. This mask was fairly lightweight but smelled awesome. I felt like it helped pull the blackheads on my nose up to the surface which was awesome too! 
I love taking advantage of face masks as often I get the chance. There's just something about them that's always so relaxing! You're doing a little something to pamper yourself, you've gotta sit still for at least a few minutes, and usually, they smell pretty great! Sometimes you take the mask off and your skin doesn't look or feel any different, but it was worth it because at least you got to sit, rest, and scroll through Instagram for ten uninterrupted minutes. Sometimes they smell good, but you know they were scented with artificial ingredients. But this is not one of those masks! My skin felt super soft afterward and the next morning the few small blemishes I had really did seem smaller. And it really just smells amazing! I wish I could explain it to you better, but you're just going to have to try this one yourself!

Calm Balm

First of all, how great is that name! I love it! Calm Balm is a lightweight moisturizer with aloe vera, kendi oil, and other plant extracts. This one did not have a super strong scent like the other skin care products, which I didn't mind actually. Since it's the last one I put on my face, I liked that it wasn't overbearing and that the smell didn't linger as I went about my day. The consistency on this one was almost more like a serum or a gel. It spread easily across your face and didn't take long soak in fully. 

One of my skin issues (other than oily and acne LOL) is redness, especially on my cheeks. I love that this moisturizer has aloe in it - the same ingredient we all use in the summertime to beat redness and inflammation from sunburn! 

My skin felt crazy clean after this routine. I almost didn't want to put makeup on! My redness was soothed and my skin felt soft and smooth. 


Skin care is fun, but let's get on to the extra fun part! The colorful part! I tried LimeLight's Botanical Foundation, their Enduring Lip Color, and their Signature Lip Gloss! Keep reading for the details on them all.

Botanical Foundation

So LimeLight calls this foundation their Botanical Foundation, but the formula is actually one of the top-selling professional foundations worldwide from the Research Council of Makeup Artists (RCMA). The RCMA foundation is basically the gold standard for foundations and is used by the pros on celebrities like Beyonce, J Lo, Kim K, and Blake Lively!

When you look at the details of what makes up this foundation, it's no wonder that it's so well-loved. Its ingredient list includes only vegetable oils, waxes, and FDA approved colors. A wax-based foundation was a new one for me! It's more like a cream foundation than a liquid, and as you move it with your sponge, it warms and becomes easier to work into your skin. The coverage is buildable and you can get very light, sheer coverage or absolutely opaque, full coverage. It doesn't clog your pores and leaves you with a really natural finish!

It takes a surprisingly little amount of this stuff to totally cover your face! I ended up using about half of what was in this sample container for one application. That just goes to show how super pigmented this stuff is! According to LimeLight, most liquid foundations are between 18-23% pigment, but their botanical foundation is at least 50% pigment! For real, this stuff will last you forever!

To apply this wax foundation, get a small amount of the product on your finger and dab it all around your face. Then using a sponge or beauty blender, start working the product into your skin. It worked best for me to use my beauty blender and a rolling motion. This stuff just melts right into your skin! It's crazy! The coverage is awesome and I loved the way it made my skin look. It totally minimized the large pores on my nose and cheeks too!

I'm wearing shade 7 - Shinto 1, which Abby matched for me just from looking at photos on Facebook (she's got skills, y'all!). They've got 12 shades on the foundation, and you can get it alone, in a bundle with two concealers, or in a palette with 6 shades!

I set the foundation with a little powder and then finished up the rest of my look! The finish of this stuff is kind of amazing to me. It covers SO well but at the same time, looks like I don't have anything on! It's definitely one of those "your skin but better" products that we all want!

Enduring Lip Color

This was the item I was most excited to try from LimeLight. Their Enduring Lip Color is a long lasting liquid lipstick. I've shared on Insta before about my obsession with Sephora's Cream Lip Stain... and this one is STRONG competition to that love! If you haven't tried a liquid lipstick before, they usually come in a tube with a wand like lipgloss, which I think makes them so much easier to apply. I don't know how they make them, but they're basically magic and stay on through eating, drinking, talking, working, whatever as long as you don't go too crazy. I love wearing lip color, but hate having to remember to touch it up during the day, so a long wear liquid lipstick has become a staple for me!

This color is called Wedding Cake, and it's a great berry color with a gorgeous shimmery finish! I've found that while shimmery liquid lipsticks look AMAZING, sometimes the staying power is lacking. They just tend to rub off more quickly in my experience. But I'm happy to report that this is not the case with the Enduring Lip Colors! Check out this kiss test -

A teeeeny tiny amount did come off, but if you'd done that while wearing a gloss or traditional lipstick, the smudging would have been way worse! This would easily last through a meal, and probably an entire work day, which is just what I want.

This color is one I NEVER would have picked for myself, but I'm so glad Abby sent it! The shade is Salted Caramel and it's a warm toffee color. I always stay away from these shades I would normally call brown, but I actually really liked this color with my skin tone! It's warm and fairly dark, but still neutral enough that it doesn't feel loud.

Macaroon could easily become my new everyday color! I wouldn't call it a nude shade, but it's definitely pretty neutral. The Wedding Cake shade is in the pink family too, but Macaroon is a lot warmer. This shade gives you some color but isn't so bold that it draws too much attention to your lips! I feel like I could wear this out running errands, or dress it up and wear it for date night, and I love shade that can be verstile like that!

Signature Lip Gloss

I know I've gone on and one about my love for long-wear liquid lipsticks, but I definitely still love a good lip gloss too! These Signature Lip Glosses are so smooth and moisturizing. They're fairly sheer but still pack a good punch of color. You can layer them over the Enduring Lip Colors or wear them on their own. I tested them out solo here so I could get a good idea of each shade!

The first gloss I tried was Love and it's a great "your lips but better" shade for me! These glosses have a bit of sparkle to them, but I think it's just enough! 

The other gloss shade I tested was Dream. It is basically bubble gum but I kind of love it! It feels like a super girly color, but sometimes you just need that, right?!

And just in case you're interested, here are some swatches of all the lip colors I tried side by side! They are in the same order I shared with you, starting with Wedding Cake near my wrist down to Dream closer to my elbow.

Make-Off Remover Cloths

Lastly, when you're ready to take it all off, you can use one of the Make-Off Remover Cloths! I don't use makeup removing cloths on the regular (I stick to a cotton ball and some liquid remover) but I can totally see myself using one of these on a night when I'm way too tired to do my full skin care nightly routine. I know, I know, you should never skip out on skin care... But that's just real life! Stuff happens and I get tired and washing my face suddenly sounds sooooo hard. These LimeLight cloths are great because you don't have to wash your face afterwards! They have no parabens or gunk that will clog up your face, and they don't leave you feeling oily or slimy! 

Woo - we made it! 

That was a LOT of information and if you stuck it all the way through, thank you! I hope you learned something new about this neat brand and liked seeing my opinions on everything! LimeLight offers so many amazing products, I really suggest you take a peek around their website. If you want to shop through my friend Abby's link, just click here!

Have you tried LimeLight before? If so, what product is your all time fav?! And if not, which one are you dying to try for yourself? Leave me a comment and let me know!

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