Fall Work-Wear Fashion: 50 Faves Under $50!

by - September 26, 2017

There's something about September that just makes me crave a good shopping spree... I blame back to school!

Let me be clear - I do NOT want to go back to school! But there are aspects of academia that I do miss on occasion. Summer break, changing courses each semester, fun school supplies... there was plenty of good! But most of all, I think I miss back to school shopping! For most of my life, fall meant a whole new wardrobe, stocking up on the basics, and trying new trends. Now, fall just means a change in weather (eventually! it's still 80 in KY!) and another day of work.

I'm telling you, transitioning to working full-time has been tough. It's not so much the long days or the responsibilities that have been a struggle. It's the lack of breaks and the constant routine! In school, every couple months you get at least a few weeks off. Plus when you come back, your schedule gets a total makeover. When you're in the career world, with less vacation days, all the days start to run together and time reaaaallllyyyy slows down. Maybe its shallow of me, but a new outift that makes me feel totally fabulous always helps brighten up an otherwise monotonous day. Instead of back-to-school shopping, I think I need a little keep-on-working shopping spree!

I rounded up by 50 favorite fall items that are perfect for staying stylish in the office. I've got tops, sweaters, dresses, pants, skirts, even accessories! And the best part... they're all under $50!

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Tops & Sweaters

Pants & Skirts


Jackets & Outerwear

Shoes & Accessories

Fall may not be my favorite season (I'm much more of a summer girl!) but I LOVE fall fashion! The rich colors are great with my skin tone and I'm crazy about the accessories! Booties, blanket scarves, leather, it's all too fun! Plus since you're dressing for the cooler weather, its so much easier to find trendy pieces that are still appropriate for the professional world! And with items are cute as these, who wouldn't feel inspired to put together some great outfits and take over the office! You got this, girl!

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