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by - July 01, 2017


I'm so glad you're here! I can barely believe I'm finally welcoming you all to this space!

This little blog has been a big dream of mine for quite a while now. Nearly two years ago I first got a glimpse into the blogging world. I had been a huge Pinterest fanatic for years, but for some reason, I never realized where so many of the pins actually came from - bloggers all around the world! 

Once I figured out what a "lifestyle blog" was, it didn't take long for me to fall in love with the concept! I found a few blogs I really connected with and started following them outside of just Pinterest. That first few quickly grew into dozens of blogs I was keeping up with almost every day! I was hooked! 

There were a few things that really drew me into so many different lifestyle blogs. First of all, the passion of these women was so contagious! I loved seeing people do things they were absolutely CRAZY about. Whether it was a totally unique craft project, a great tip for saving money, a new way to style their favorite top, or even just an update on what life has been teaching them lately - what they were sharing, they believed in and it clearly brought them so much joy.

And secondly, these women were not afraid to be messy! So many people share just the highlights with the world through social media, but the blogs I most enjoyed weren't afraid of the lows. Is it weird to say I enjoyed reading about other people's crappy stuff?! Their authenticity with the less-than-pretty parts of their lives inspired so many "me too!" moments. Their posts helped me to not feel alone. Their positivity in difficulty led me to a new perspective on a similar area of my own. And sometimes, when they recalled their private pleas for God to meet them, I heard a new word from the Lord for my own life. 

It might seem silly to say, but blogs really have had an impact on my life. These women I've never even met have really influenced me! Their online spaces have brought me joy, inspired so many fun projects, and really motivated me to make changes in my life. So, after way too much research, a probably annoying amount of verbal brainstorming to my sweet husband, and a lot of prayer,  I'm finally jumping into the world of blogging not just as a consumer but as a creator! And here's why...

1. I need a creative outlet!

I'm learning more and more all the time that I really am a creative person. In the past, I would have told you I wasn't creative because I wasn't an "artist". No, my sister was the artsy one! I was the logical, reasoning one. You don't wanna see my sad attempts at art with something like an oil pastel in my hand! But I've learned that creativity takes on lots of forms. My problem-solving skills take a lot of imagination. My ability to take random remnants of different craft projects and make something brand new out of them is actually rare. Having a vision in my head for a great party and being able to make it a reality is not something everyone can do, even though it feels as natural as breathing to me. And some people would actually be jealous of my SERIOUS bargain hunting skills (I am a sucker for a sale rack, y'all). 
Creativity is a kinda funny thing - it seems like the more of it you use, the more of you seem to have! My creative spark has been suffering lately...  and to me, that's a sign I need to use it more! So if I'm going to be getting to work on all sorts of projects, and working hard to build a cohesive and inviting online space like this, I figured I might as well bring you all along for the ride!

2. I want to document these years of life!

I'm just gonna put it out there in case you don't know this about me - my memory kind of sucks. I am constantly surprised at my lack of ability to remember events that have taken place in my own life! It's one of those things about myself that I just have to accept and laugh at, so I don't get super frustrated at myself for something I can't control and start panicking about what might be wrong with my brain :)

But this current stage of life... these are some really, really good days. I've been married for just over 6 months and am having a blast settling into married life. We're being silly, having fun as much as possible, and learning to be dog-parents. We're seriously broke and being aggressive about getting out of debt ASAP.  I'm working hard and setting the foundation for a solid career. I'm experimenting and starting to really nail down my own personal style. I'm learning so much about my personality and the ways God knit my brain and heart together. It feels like every day in an adventure and every day is setting the tone for the next several decades. I want to remember it all! I don't know for sure what the rest of life will hold... I know God will be with us and it will be good... but I have a feeling these will be some of the sweetest days out of them all :)

3. I would love to inspire and encourage others!

I've already mentioned how much reading other writers' blogs has really impacted me. Their posts have done so much to motivate me, to inspire me, and to make me feel understood! They weren't necessarily claiming to be experts or to have everything figured out. They were just being real!

I have no illusions that I have life figured out. Some days I feel like the least qualified person ever to be encouraging anyone! But I'm at a point in my life where I'm craving some passion and purpose... I would love to pay forward all the encouragement I've received. For whatever it's worth, I'm feeling called to put my life on display, so to say, in the hopes of helping someone else make their life more fun, more fulfilling, and more free!

So, there you have it, friends. I hope you'll join me in learning, in growing, and hopefully in blooming boldly!

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